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Live overview of customers and waste

Plant overview

With WS List it is always clear which of your customers are in the facility and which waste is being carried with them.

Targeted control

With WS List, control cycles can be set so that all customers can be checked at clearly defined intervals.

License plate recognition

Cameras are used to detect which of your customers is where in the facility and in front of which bunker gate.

Anomaly detection

Based on historical data, a warning is automatically issued if a delivery is too high or too low in weight.

What ours

customers say

"I can now specifically assign the bunker gates because I can see who and what is coming - that helps enormously" -Scale

"We now control deliveries in a more structured and targeted manner - WS List helps us a lot"

"I have put together my WS List view in the way that best helps me with bunker management"

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