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Improve Germany's CO2 balance sheet with Wasteer.

Saving of heating oil

10k t CO2

The heating oil required can be reduced to a minimum through a more even combustion process and the reduction of system downtimes.

Reduction of thermally recycled plastics

2.5mt CO2

With a better analysis of the waste, the amount of existing plastic can be recognized early and recycled accordingly.

Lowering of resources

64kt CO2

The amount of resources required can be reduced by detecting harmful   and impurities.

Reduction of disposal logistics

18kt CO2

With fewer plant failures, less waste has to be diverted and thus travels less distance on European roads.

Minimization of residues

4k t CO2

By reducing residues such as slag or fly ash, both the logistics of removal and disposal underground can be minimized.


*All savings refer to the potential saving of a Germany-wide CO2 balance

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A strong companion when it comes to sustainability

By digitizing and controlling waste streams, we are not only able to increase profitability, but also make a significant contribution to improving your company's carbon footprint.

Interested in understanding your waste streams in a new way?

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