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AI based contaminant detection

AI contaminant detection

We automatically check every delivery for contaminants such as pieces, waste codes or different materials.

24/7 monitoring

As soon as a contaminant is detected, all relevant people are informed so that appropriate action can be taken.


Every detected contaminant is recorded, assigned to the corresponding supplier and documented in WS Pass.

Model extension

With every new data set we generate, the model is further trained to recognize more and more materials and to ensure an ever more precise analysis.

What our

customers say

"With WS Scan at my side, I can now concentrate entirely on the optimal calorific value when operating the crane" -Crane driver

"The detection of contaminants and warnings clearly minimize the risks in the plant's processes" -Production manager

"WS Scan gives us even more clarity about what kind of waste we get - that's exactly what we need" - Production manager

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