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Our Team at 


We are a young, dynamic and goal-oriented team dedicated to developing innovative solutions in the waste industry.

Our software solutions are characterized by sustainability and economic viability and we are always looking for talented people who want to change the waste industry together with us.


Benedict von Spankeren

"Waste is still a residual product that needs to be disposed of. In a world where resources are becoming increasingly scarce, we ensure that the best possible recycling can result from mere disposal ."


Florian Fehr

"Our goal is to integrate material flows into the circular economy not only in Germany, but throughout Europe and to close the existing gaps"


Ilhan Çetin

"While trying to achieve maximum efficiency in waste recycling and energy production with the power of data, we aim to develop methods that will cause the least damage to nature in these processes by establishing data processing processes in accordance with the requirements of the age and consuming minimum resources."


Irem Celik

"We lead the charge in sustainability, blending innovation with responsibility to redefine waste management. With cutting-edge technology, we uncover the hidden potential within waste, transforming it into valuable resources."


Cristian Mititelu

"At Wasteer, creativity and passion meet innovation to solve one of the world's big challenges. Thriving for a healthier future while making space for new resources, the aim is to bring to life tools that will ease the management of waste and make waste beneficial."


Yeabsera Bune

"We are committed to finding new ways to digitise waste that can reveal its hidden value. Our goal is simple: to turn waste into a useful resource for a sustainable future, to change the way waste is handled, and to make the world better and greener."


Cristian Mititelu

"Working in waste management is about closing the loop, turning waste into resources, and finding the circularity gap where innovation can thrive."


Theresa Schoettl

"Innovation is crucial in waste management because traditional methods are often inadequate to address the growing challenges of waste generation and disposal. By embracing innovation, we can develop more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solutions to manage waste."


Nona Falaki

"Our mission at Wasteer is to combine creativity and sustainability to open the black box and extract the inner gold of the waste in order to compensate for the resources we borrowed from the next generation."


Anis Chaibi

"As AI becomes the norm in our everyday lives, we aim to take the next step in innovating circular waste usage. Through cutting-edge technology, we strive to achieve a high level of automation and security at all waste processing facilities."


Leonie von Bismarck

"We are working on innovation and technology-driven solutions for the waste industry in order to bring more transparency into material flows every day and to make a decisive contribution towards maximum circularity."


Cristian Mititelu

"In the future, we will likely look back with frustration at how we once neglected residual waste, much like how we currently view our past reliance solely on landfills. Harnessing maximum energy from waste is an intuitive strategy with far-reaching benefits throughout the economy, and Wasteer is a pioneer in this approach."

Our partners

With EEW, we have one of the strongest industrial partners for thermal recycling in Germany on our side, who gives us access to plants as well as providing knowledge and experience.

NEEW Ventures offers the expertise and experience in the field of circular economy to establish companies and gives us access to investors and partners to be able to realize our vision of a more sustainable future faster.

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